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Control and Instrumentation Principle

CATEGORY: Control Laboratory

CIP-100 is an educational servo control system designed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge about linear control systems.

The system offers various features, including velocity control, position control, and the capability to verify and investigate open-loop and closed-loop analog control systems.

Mechanical unit:

The mechanical unit contains input and output potentiometers, motor and tacho generator.

By connecting to a pc through a USB port, mechanical unit provide a four channel virtual instrumentation system for measuring and logging all necessary data in each experiment.

Electronic unit:

The electronic unit contains an analog circuit board. The analog circuit consists of:

  1. Power amplifier

  2. Error amplifier

  3. Function generator 0.1 Hz to 1 Hz, sine, square & triangle.

  4. 2 variable attenuator

  5. Variable DC signal ±1 V

  6. PID analog controller with independent gain controls

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