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8-CH Data Logger

CATEGORY: AL Series Data Logger
Model: AL8-G

AL8 is a stand-alone data logger and PID controller designed for general-purpose data acquisition, data storage, and process control in laboratory and industrial applications.

AL8 records and monitors measurements for various static and cyclic tests in real-time.

• 8 independent differential input channels.

• Analogue input rating: Voltage: ±2500mV.

• Display readings and graphs in real time.

• Compatible with most analog sensors such as load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT/Potentiometric displacement transducers.

• Internal calibration formula for various type of thermocouple, 4-20 mA transducer and mv/v sensors.

• Onboard ambient temperature sensor

• Effective resolution: 65000 points.

• Sampling rate up to 500 readings per second for each channel.

• 8 digital input for limit switches.

• 8 digital output with relay driver.

• Through software adjustable input gain: 1X ~ 128X

• USB connection to pc via general or customized software.

• HMI connection via RS485

• 2 independent PID control loop, up to 500Hz with ±10 V output.

• Save data on Micro SD storage card.

• Connect to digital sensor (incremental encoder).

Monitoring systems.


Quality controls and material testing equipment such as soil triaxle testing systems, tensile and compression machines, and etc.


Modernization of testing instrument.