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Universal Loading Frame

CATEGORY: Automatic Loading Frame

ULF-50 is a 50 kN universal loading frame suitable for conducting a wide variety of tests. It is a fully automatic machine with the ability to control the rate of displacements and ensure load accuracy thanks to its precise closed-loop PID controller. The accuracy of the controlled rate is guaranteed.

The included general software allows users to define any desirable test.

Optional dedicated software has been designed for each specific test. The device can be connected to a computer via a USB port, enabling users to perform each test and save the resulting data using its corresponding software.

A standard test kit, which includes sensors, molds, fixtures, and software, is available as an option.

Furthermore, we can provide customized software and accessories tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Maximum capacity: 50 kN

  • Maximum stroke: 100 mm

  • Variable displacement rate: 1 to 50 mm/min

  • Graphical LCD display

  • Standalone performing test and test result calculation

  • Save up to 500 test results in its internal memory

  • Computer control mode

  • USB interface

  • Marshal test (ASTM D5581, ASTM D6927)

  • CBR (ASTM D1883)

  • Soil unconfined test (ASTM D2166)

  • Flexural test

  • Cement/Mortar compression

  • Cement/Mortar flexure