Atron Electronic Systems

Material Testing Equipment

Digital Controller

CATEGORY: Digital Controller and Readout Unit

This series of universal controller and readout units is suitable for various types of testing machines, including compression machines, flexural and tensile loading frames, UTMs, and more. Based on their high-end technology and precision engineering, they can provide smooth and precise control, as well as deliver accurate and reliable test results.

  • 2 independent analogue input
  • 4 isolated digital output
  • 3 digital input
  • 16 bit sigma delta ADC
  • 500 Hz PID loop control with tuning facility
  • 5” graphic LCD display
  • Optional stepper motor driver
  • 2 independent calibration tables (expandable to more)
  • Saving up to 500 final test results includes date, time and sample details
  • Standard serial PC interface
  • User friendly windows base software