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4-CH Data Logger

CATEGORY: AL Series Data Logger
Model: AL4

The AL-4 data acquisition unit is a universal logger capable of logging data from a wide variety of sensors. In 4-channel mode, logging is synchronous, with a speed of 500 samples per second. If the multiplex mode is selected, the number of channels will increase to 8, but the maximum speed will be 40 samples per second.

AL-4 is equipped with an internal temperature sensor that can be used automatically for thermocouple calculations

  • Four 16 bit input channel (8 channel in multiplex mode)

  • Sampling and logging rate : 500 sample per second

  • Suitable for many kind of sensors such as load, displacement, temperature, pressure and etc

  • Internal sensor for sensing the environment temperature, suitable for thermocouple

  • USB interface

  • Supplied with USB or external power supply mode

  • Separate calibration table for each sensor

  • Applied a desire formula for each channel value

  • Create data file in standard MS Excel format

  • Dimensions :  160*130*59 mm

  • Monitoring systems

  • Quality control equipment

  • Measurement of PH,EC,RH and other environmental parameter

  • Converting the analog systems to digital.