Atron Electronic Systems

Material Testing Equipment

Measuring PH & EC


Pet 103 is an instrument for measuring PH, Electrical Conductivity (EC) and temperature of liquids simultaneously. Display and save data on computer by USB port connection.

Through connecting the temperature sensor and related setting, system automatically corrects the PH and EC values according to the liquid temperature.

  • Electrical conductivity measuring range: 10 µS ~ 20 mS

  • PH measuring range: 1 ~ 14

  • Temperature measuring range: -50°ᶜ ~ 150°ᶜ

  • Power supply: 12 v

  • Connecting to PC via USB port.

  • Save data in excel format.

  • Dimensions: 45*105*210

  • Chemistry laboratories

  • Monitoring systems

  • Food industry quality  control