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CATEGORY: Digital Instrumentation

DI-108 is a 4-channel voltage and current measuring unit. The device is connected to the computer via a USB port, and then all voltage and current values are simultaneously displayed on the computer. Additionally, other values such as power parameters and the related waveforms can be displayed and saved on the PC.

Its high-speed sampling capabilities make it possible to compute FFT for inrush current analysis.

DI-108 is an ideal choice for consolidating all measuring instruments in a tutorial laboratory, covering areas such as electrical machines, industrial electronics, control circuits, power systems, and any other electrical engineering laboratory needs.

  • 4 isolated voltage input

  • 4 isolated current input

  • Two voltage range: 500 V with accuracy of 0.5 V, 250 V with accuracy of 0.1 V

  • Two current range: 10 A with accuracy of 10 mA, 1 A with accuracy of 1 mA

  • Dc and Ac signals measurements

  • Power parameters and power factor measuring

  • Display a 2 sec frame of input signal at a sampling rate of 4000 sps for FFT analysis

  • 4 channel oscilloscope for drawing and storing of the input signal waveform

  • Computing and drawing the FFT chart

  • Storing the data with the CVS format

  • Connecting to the pc through USB port

  • All sockets are compatible by the IEC1010-2-031 standard and isolated up to 1000 volts