Atron Electronic Systems

Material Testing Equipment

Digital Controll Unit

CATEGORY: Digital controller and data logger

SL series controllers, designed and manufactured by ATRON Electronic Systems, represent a new generation of multipurpose controllers that can be utilized in laboratory and industrial equipment for controlling and logging data in static and dynamic soil triaxial systems, direct shear tests, compression machines, universal testing machines, and more.

A special feature of the SL series is its control capability of three independent axes and data storage without the need for a PC. This makes it an excellent tool for upgrading and automating laboratory and industrial equipment, resulting in cost savings. The system can be customized to match customer requests.

  • Four 16 bit independent analogue input channels

  • 8 digital input channels

  • 8 digital output channels

  • 3 Isolated digital output channels

  • 2 analogue output channels (± 10V)

  • Expandable to 3 channels

  • PID control up to 500 Hz

  • Stopper motor control (optional)

  • USB port connection PC

  • Graphical display panel

  • 4 independent calibration tables

  • data logging and storage on MMC Card.