Atron Electronic Systems

Material Testing Equipment


CATEGORY: AL Series Data logger


  • Four 16 bit input channel (8 channel in multiplex mode)

  • Sampling and logging rate : 500 sample per second

  • Suitable for many kind of sensors such as load, displacement, temperature, pressure and etc

  • Internal sensor for sensing the environment temperature, suitable for thermocouple

  • USB interface

  • Supplied with USB power or external power supply

  • Separate calibration table for each sensor

  • Applied a desire formula for each channel value

  • Create data file in standard MS Excel format

  • Dimensions :  160*130*59 mm

  • Special edition for EC and PH measurement (MEMC4)

  • Monitoring systems

  • Quality control equipment

  • Measurement of PH,EC,RH and other environmental parameter

  • Converting the analog systems to digital.